Benefits of Hiring A Paralegal

There are many benefits to hiring a Paralegal; the main benefit of course is the affordability factor. Paralegals, as a whole, on average, charge much less than other legal service providers. Therefore, making the court systems accessible to all, rather than that of just the upper class.

The education that Paralegals receive is specific to the areas of law they are allowed to practice. Paralegals are unable to practice all types of law, for this reason their education is fine tuned to the areas they are allowed to service. Thus, they have a greater knowledge and understanding of the law they are going to practice once they are finished their educational program.

Paralegals are comparable to lawyers, in the sense that we both are regulated by the same law and principles. We both are required to meet specific standards of learning, professional competence, and adhere to a professional conduct that is appropriate for the legal services we provide.

Next time you require legal help; remember you might not need to go to the most expensive person to get the job done. Do your research; Paralegals are just as competent, educated and knowledgeable as any other legal service provider. The best part, Paralegals are usually half the price.

Our Practice Areas

Other Services

Commissioners Of Oath's

Here is a list of the documents we can commission:

  • Legal Documents (Affidavits, Statutory Declarations)
  • Consent to Travel with a Minor/Child
  • Vehicle Ownership Transfers
  • Proof of Loss (Insurance Claims)
  • Professional Accreditation Applications
  • Passport Applications (In Lieu of Guarantor)
  • Lost Passport, Student Loan Applications
  • Affidavit of Discrepancy in Name
  • Name Change Application/Common Law Declarations
  • Delayed Birth Registration Forms
  • Application to Amend Birth Registration
  • Residency Document
  • Single Status Certificate
  • Municipal Information Form (MIF) for Liquor Licence

  • Notary Public

    A Notary Public is empowered by law and by custom and usage of notaries through the ages to:
  • Administer Oaths
  • Attest Signatures
  • Authenticate Documents
  • Give Notarial Acts
  • Take Affidavits
  • Take Affirmations and Declarations
  • Issue notarial certificates in respect of documents and persons
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